Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Celebrity Bikini Wars! Big vs Small Boobs!

Bigger isn’t always better. It’s a full-out bikini wars showdown when the most heavily endowed hotties on the shoreline face off against the most fabulous flat-chested foxes.

Not all lingerie and swimsuit models are the same shape and size, but are they equally as appealing? Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio is endowed on the smaller side, while Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition babe Brooklyn Decker totes fabulously large floating devices.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift both have what it takes to top the charts, but when it comes time to strip down, how do their asserts stack up to one another?

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And Jennifer Aniston and Tori Spelling are both smokin’ hot divorcees with curves to kill for. While former Friend Aniston is on the small side when it comes to her cup size, Spelling’s enormous knockers clearly garner stares on the shoreline.

Sofia Vergara and Shakira are both Columbian cuties who sizzle up the sea with their spicy curves, but does the Modern Family star have a boosted advantage over the Grammy award winner?
Model Bodies: Brooklyn Decker vs Alessandria Ambrossio

Bigscreen Diva: Eva mendes vs Cameron Diaz

The Hills vs The City: Whitney Port vs Heidi Montag

Hot Docs: Olivia Wilde vs Katherine Heigl

Bikini bad Girls: Nicole Richie vs Lindsay Lohan

Sex Tape Sirens: Paris Hilton vs Kim Kardashian

Luscious Latinas: Shakira vs Sofia Vergara

Sexy Singers: Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry

Jersey Shore vs Laguna Beach:  Snooki vs Lauren Conrad

Sexy Divorcees: Jennifer Aniston vs Tori Spelling


  1. maybe I am crazy, but I am driven a lot to so many of the flat-chested women here. Of course, large breasts can be fabulous for love making, no doubt, but there's an understated sensuality, beauty in these less endowed ones, also they won't brag about their chests, so I love them

  2. lolz @Anonymous
    are you talking*typing* from a male perspective or female?


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