Thursday, 12 January 2012

Craig David's obsessively healthy start to the year - works up a sweat on the beach

He used to sing about how he would romance a girl during the course of one week.

These days, however, Craig David, is more concerned with maintaining his ripped physique and getting the best out of his body. The Rewind singer has posted messages on his Twitter page everyday of the year so far about his aspirations to kick start the new year in great shape.

The 30-year-old was seen training hard on a Miami beach yesterday and the fruits of his labour were already apparent. Wearing nothing more than a pair of black Adidas shorts and some matching footwear, he sweated his through a grueling workout.

With only his own body weight to fight against, Craig worked on his shoulders and upper back by pulling some elasticated bands.

Not even his personal trainer could stop him as he sprinted across the sand whilst being held back with the same training aid.

Craig, who relocated to Miami, has upped his training and general health and appears to have given up alcohol too.

On January 1 he said on Twitter: 'All about feeling fresh, healthy and alive in life!! Hangovers are so 2011! Lol #lovin'life.'

The results of healthy lifestyle have been helped by an equally healthy diet and the former garage star posted a picture of a typical meal that eats after a tough session.

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