Friday, 6 January 2012

Simon Cowell enjoys onboard multi million pound super yacht in St Barts

It hasn't been the easiest year for Simon Cowell.

But what better way for a multi millionaire media mogul to relax than hiring a luxury yacht and joining the St Bart's Caribbean celebrity set.

And it certainly looked like the 52-year-old's troubles sailed away onboard super yacht The Slipstream.

Chartering the 196ft yacht can cost between $450,000 and $900,000 a week but if like Cowell you are worth an estimated $130million the cost of pure relaxation is a drop in the ocean.

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The X Factor creator was taking a well earned break from his luxury Caribbean break by chartering the yacht which comes complete with a crew of 12.

Cowell is rumoured to be onboard with fiancée Mezhgan Hussainy and a group of friends after taking his annual holiday in Barbados.

As Cowell relaxed in a pair of white beach shorts it looked like perhaps he had unwound a bit too much as his chest looked slightly sunburnt.

But with a heap of facilities sailors onboard the yacht have a host of activities to do rather than sunbathe.

Slipstream‘s stateroom features mirrors above a giant waterbed, a Jacuzzi, an observation lounge with panoramic views, gym and a sky lounge with a retractable roof.

Slipstream’s interiors are neo-Art Deco combining “dark ebony joinery and red leather paneling.”

The sun-deck is features a spa, sun-pads, bar with BBQ and al-fresco dining area, and Sipstream comes equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment system including video on demand as well as a satellite communications center.

Although the Slipstream is the largest yacht ever launched by France’s CMN Shipyard it isn't the flashiest boat chartered by celebrities.

Diddy’s iPad powered Solemates is 12 inches longer and cheaper too even with private chef and other amenities.

Cowell, who has spent the past seven months in the U.S., was relaxing before the Britain's Got Talent auditions start.

He has said he is returning to the nations favourite talent show because he missed ‘the British public’.

This year’s winner, as well as performing at the Royal Variety Performance, would receive a prize of £500,000 – with him putting up half the money.

In contrast, last year’s winner Jai McDowall received just £100,000.

Cowell, 52, said: ‘I miss Britain, and I miss the British public, and I miss judging them.’

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