Monday, 26 March 2012

Another Publicity Stunt? - Rob Kardashian detained by Police for chasing a photographer!

He is known for his fancy footwork after finishing in second place on the last season of Dancing with the Stars. But Rob Kardashian almost got himself into serious trouble after chasing a photographer down a street in Miami this morning as a prank.

Some on-duty policemen who saw the incident thought he was going to start a fight, and ended up detaining him in a police car. Eventually he was able to talk his way out of an arrest by explaining he had merely been playing the fool.

The incident started when he spotted a paparazzo taking pictures of him from across the street in the Florida city, and he decided to wind up the photographer.

Sources told TMZ that the reality television personality thought he could give his friends a cheap laugh. He then started sprinting towards the snapper, who ended up running away while screaming for help. The concerned 25-year-old thought he could smooth over the incident by following him when he went into a smoke shop.

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However some officers had seen the whole thing and felt they had to get involved before things spiralled out of control. Rob was taken to the back of a police car, where he and the photographer were interviewed.

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