Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fashion hits rock bottom - Designer's butt-baring dress!

Etsy is home to thousands of artists and designers and is regularly used as a resource by high-end event planners, movie production designers and other major creatives as well a the general public. 

Which is why it is all the more astonishing to stumble upon a vendor's page that sells a dress whose unique feature is a large hole cut out of the bottom.

Lina Petrauskiene from Paiania in Greece is a dress designer whose range of 'super sexy' frocks look totally average from the front and yet unlike anything else you might have seen, from behind.

A grey number posted on her Etsy page might first appear as the perfect work frock. But on closer inspection the product photographs reveal a huge hole cut away from the bottom showing most of the butt crack.

The description for the item, posted by the blonde designer who models the outfits herself reads: 'This super sexy dress is made of synthetic fabric. It reveals the most attractive part of the women’s body.'

Ms Petauskiene clearly believes her derriere is her best asset but it remains to be seen how many others would brave such a bold fashion choice.
Although the dress is marked as sold, from the 19,334 views on her page, so far she has only won herself 11 admirers and one can imagine who they might be.

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