Monday, 3 September 2012

Prolific actress Liz Benson returns to Nollywood

Prolific Nigerian actress Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Benson is set to made a stunning return to Nollywood after staying off the scene for close to five years. 

Benson who is considered as one of the top actresses in the ‘90s will feature in a new movie being produced by Nextpage Production. The movie will be released this year. 

The 46-year-old began her acting career in 1993’s soap opera ‘Fortunes’ but rose to fame with her star role in 1994 hit movie ‘Glamour Girls’. She went on to feature in other Nollywood hit movies like Confessions, Evil Men 1 and 2, Shame, Conspiracy, Izaga, Burden, Stolen Child, Faces, Dead End, Tycoon, and Body of Vengeance.

Around 2000, she announced she had become born-again and turned an evangelist. She lost her husband in 1990′s but remarried to Bishop Great Emeya about five years ago.

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