Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Amids widespread disapproval, Nollywood actress Tonto Dike releases new singles

Despite critics’ disapproval, Tonto Dike has gone ahead to release her debut singles; kicking off her music career. 

The controversy magnet announced her interest in music a while ago, promising to release singles, despite pleas from concerned fans and pundits. And it’s what we feared it would turn out to be – full of crap.

Ms Dike should know where her strength lies – whatever it is, it’s certainly not singing with a cracked, croaky and coarse voice.

Both songs ‘Hi’ and ‘Itz ova’ featuring dancehall act Snypa certainly don’t cut it, making a struggling Omotola (and even One logo logo line Genevieve!) sound like Beyonce.

The almighty auto-tune voice enhancer only worsens Miss Dike’s disastrous attempt. This attempt (if it could) scores a minus…

Over to you! what your opinion? lol!

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