Monday, 8 October 2012

Nollywood actress Tonto Dike in 'war of words' with fans!

Nigerian actress Tonto Dike got an unexpected shock after her plan to release one of her singles soon was met by insults and disdain on twitter. 

The conversation soon turned into a heated argument, which became a trending topic on the social network.
The drama began after Dike made her announcement in what was considered by some as an ‘arrogant manner’: ‘Gettin HI on ma own SONG***Loverz I cnt wait2 SHARE HI n ITZ OVA wit YA*#POKO#’, she wrote.

A few people responded jokingly, advising her to be careful, citing examples of actors such as Ramsey Nouah, Genevieve Nnaji, Jim Iyke and a few others who have tried but failed in music. Dike rose in favour of the concerned actors, adding that her case would be different: ‘All ya wabblin abt Actorz gettin In2 MUZIK,Itz bezt u Shut d FUCKUP n wait 4wat we gat**Az 4 POKO ya’ll MUx dance 2 HI n ITZ OVA*I said MUX*’ she tweeted. 

Perceiving the response as a display of pride, several Twitter fans tried to call her to order, which infuriated her even more; ‘Una really no understand. Itz a fuckin MUX 2lizten 2ma MUZIK. Like I ainnt gonno BEG 4DAT BUT UR CHILDREN’Z CHILDREN will GAM MII**NO braggin, Jux d truth n I’ve gat d braggin RITEZ thou*#POKO#. Heheh*4 doze who wana fucktalk n doze who wana kizz azz n doze who tell d truth.’

Degenerating even further, several people unleashed several insults on her, and the usually twitter-friendly Dike turned into a monster, responding in like manner, swearing and cursing at them. Zala Andolini pointed out Tonto’s grammatical errors, saying: ‘You say you have a college degree, FFS spell/type like a goddamn educated person‘ to which Tonto responded: ‘Hehehhehheheheh bitch I dnt ve a degree but I do ve a bank acct fat n shapelezz enough 2mk ur parent assasin U**U unstaaannnn’.
Others, like Olawumi Jones, who thought her proud for flaunting her wealth, ‏said ‘@tontolet is jst a sick bitch nuffin more, calg sum1 poor we all knw who made u av little change in ur acct, thnx to that old mama thou’.

‘Lil change??*May God purify Ur mouth’ Dike responded.

Meanwhile, yet another ‘fan’ Abdul-Rafiu, who reminded her of her single with Kas: ‘Don’t even talk, your single with @kas was awful’, and Dike responds with: ‘Well stil shut d fuckup n wait 4 ma muzik**Dnt b so dumb not2 knw dat waz a teaser*Ooo well u re SILLY DUMB*’. While a piece of advice from tweeter Mrs O, saying ‘Omg ! Write well’ got her in Dike’s bad books, as she aptly responded, ‘U really silly**Tell ur MOTHER dAT*DOGAZZ*’ 

The session lasted for hours, as Dike continued like a wounded scorpion, stinging those who crossed her path, until finally, she tweeted, ‘I’ve decided 2stick wit LOVE***HATE’Z 2much a burden 2BEAR*-MJK jnr #POKO#. Now d HATERZ re PAINED*I sure did a Marvellouz JOB,NYC*By d way SORRY2 all ma LOVERZ,Cant promize nothin BUT GOD’z WORKIN on ma TEMPA*#POKO#’ and ended it with ‘Lazt laugh n I’m off 2sleep*buahahhahahh’

Despite the contempt from some quarters, many of her followers showed their support, urging her to continue with her passion. Among them was Italian based Nigerian artiste, Vic O, who told her: ‘pretty do what’ll pls ur heart, don’t mind them. Pretty i swear luv ya swags, keep it rolling I got ur back.’

Another fan, describing her as one of the few not afraid to leave their comfort zone, said he was anticipating the release of her songs, while yet another tweeted, ‘Keep doin wot u’re doin whether dem lyk am or not u’re made.’

In Nov 2011, the actress featured on a song, Iyawo wind, produced by singer-producer, Kas, which was met with a lot of skepticism.

Dike, 27, was born in Rivers State and made her debut into movies in 2005, after participating in the reality TV show, Next Movie Star.

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