Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tee Mac calls Bishop Oyedepo a fraud!

Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli has lambasted popular pastor and founder of the Living Faith Christian Church International also known as Winners’ Chapel, calling him a ‘tax free’ fraud and levelling allegations of unpaid commissions over a jet aircraft acquired by the pastor. 

Tee-Mac took to his Facebook page to bear his mind:

‘God will punish him, my partner sold him the Bombadier Challenger Jet for 45 Million USD and he paid a premium of a couple of million USD to jump the cue. Robbie Honerkamp there are real men of God who use commercial airlines, there are musical stars who use commercial airlines, Oyedepo is a typical grabbing (tax free) fraud’, he wrote on his Facebook page.

The veteran flutist says he and the respected pastor have had dealings in the past.

For two years, Tee-Mac’s quarry business reportedly supplied Oyedepo’s organization gravel rocks for numerous construction business. Several reports suggest that their business ended on bad blood.

Oyedepo is yet to respond to the allegations.
Oyedepo is not new to controversies. He was recently slammed with a N2bn lawsuit for slapping a church member. The father of four however beat the case as the court dismissed it for ‘’lack of merit’.


  1. this Tee mac of a man is crazy

  2. "Touch not my annointed, and do my prophet no harm"!
    A word is enough for the wise!


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