Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Best, worst & most shocking Celebrity Nude Scenes

From 1980s' classics to modern day indie films, several Hollywood stars haven’t been bashful about taking all their clothes off and revealing their completely naked bodies for the sake of their art, but not all of them have steamed up the screen.

Jennifer Aniston has been hailed for having one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood since she sky-rocketed to international fame on Friends, but it wasn’t until 2006's The Break-Up that she revealed her incredibly pert posterior.

Sharon Stone put herself on the map, upping the shock value when she revealed her lower lady parts in the incredibly racy and infamous Basic Instinct scene.

Angelina Jolie bared her bod in a racy lesbian sex scene in Gia, while Sacha Baron Cohen shocked in the other direction during his nude scene in Borat.

When it comes to 1980s' nudity, Phoebe Cates definitely went down in hottie history when she got naked poolside in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

photos of the best, worst & most shocking celebrity nude scenes of all times after the break...

SHOCKING: Angelina Jolie definitely put herself on the radar with her nude lesbian sex scene in Gia. The racy role won her a Golden Globe 

SHOCKING: Taking nudity to the extreme, Sharon Stone famously flashed her lady parts in Basic Instinct. 

WORST: Will Farrell definitely put on a show in Semi Pro, wearing only tube socks. 

WORST: Jason Segal had people in hysterics when he got naked in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

SHOCKING: Sacha Baron Cohen grossed out the audience in Borat, with his over the top nude scene.

BEST: Daryl Hannah definitely made a Splash with her sexy mermaid role in the hit 1980’s film

BEST: Jennifer Aniston gave her fans a glimpse of her famous figure stripped down in The Breakup.

SHOCKING: No one expected Kathy Bates to show off her naked body in About Schmidt.

BEST: Michelle Williams, Jennifer Podemski and Sarah Silverman definitely steamed up Take This Waltz, with their totally nude shower scene.

BEST: Phoebe Cates definitely went down in history for her sexy nude scene in the classic film Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Credit: RadarOnline

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