Friday, 30 November 2012

Popular Yoruba actor Aremu Afolayan opens up on relationship with actress Sikiratu Sindodo

One thing that has distinguished Aremu Afolayan, one of the scions of Ade Love film dynasty, from his other siblings in Nollywood is his reported romance with older women. One cannot quickly forget his well publicised romance with London-based journalist, Yetunde Bustline some years ago. 

While both Aremu and Yetunde were love items, their sizzling romance made different news headlines.

Those who claimed to be in the know swore that Aremu is a dude that has special love for dating older women. Tale-bearers also bragged that apart from dating older women, Aremu loves them (older women) to be rich and ready to spoil him with money. 

Just recently, it was rumoured that the handsome actor cum movie producer, Aremu was in a another sizzling romance with the former babe of top Oshodi transporter, MC Oluomo and actor, Kunle Afod, Sinkiratu Sindodo.

Though Aremu has denied any romance between him and Sikiratu, those close to him have argued that both actors are warming their beds.

Speaking with Nigeriafilms on the rumoured romance between him and Sikiratu when contacted on phone, Aremu revealed that the only relationship between them is a colleague relationship.

"I have not dated Sikiratu Sindodo. She is my colleague and a friend and that’s all," Aremu stated.

Reacting further, the filmmaker disclosed, "I don’t know how they mean Sikiratu being in the game. I don’t even hear when people say I date someone. I think my relationship with anybody that I date should be my personal thing and concern. I don’t see anybody but myself."

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