Thursday, 13 December 2012

Justin Bieber now the 'most influential and popular person' on social media

Lady Gaga has been toppled off her throne as the most popular and influential person in social media by teen favourite Justin Bieber.

Lady Gaga has topped the 'starcount' chart since 2010 Justin Bieber overtook Mother Monster to claim the title. disappeared

Starcount is the world’s only definitive measure of global social media popularity, adding up all 11 biggest global social networks to create a Starcount Score and create daily global leader boards.

At 18 years old Justin Bieber is the most popular and influential entity in the world across global social media sitting on the #1 spot in Starcount’s prestigious Global All Time Chart ahead of the likes of The Walt Disney Company #4, Barack Obama #12, Cristiano Ronaldo #16 and Coca Cola #18.

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