Monday, 3 June 2013

Actress Laide Bakare delivers baby 'few' months after break up with husband

Few weeks ago, controversial Yoruba actress, Laide Bakare released a statement saying that she and her husband, Mr Olumide Okunfulure, have parted ways and that she is currently enjoying herself with another rich guy, Tunde Oriowo, who she claimed has done an Islamic introduction on her.

Many wondered what was going on that a married woman will be on “honey-moon” with another man when she and her husband are not officially divorced. But her (ex-)husband said she didn’t start her promiscuous life recently, he claimed she has been sleeping around for a long time (Read HERE).

Few months after she and her husband stopped sleeping together as husband and wife the actress has put to bed a baby boy. And she is in custody of the man that she said has gone to perform some Islamic introduction on her.

The question many people are asking now is: ‘who is the REAL father of the baby?’ Is the former husband or the new husband? 

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