Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Bikini-clad Courtney Stodden provocatively straddles her Santa in the snow

It's usually heartening to see people getting into the Christmas spirit, be it the cheery flash of a novelty Snowman earring or the bigger gesture of hours spent at a soup kitchen, extra effort for Yuletide is always warmly regarded.

But trust teen bride Courtney Stodden, 17, and her husband Doug Hutchison, 51, to take things too far as they jump on the festive bandwagon to flaunt their May to December relationship.

The pair were thrown out of a pumpkin patch in the run-up to Halloween for displays of heavy petting that were rendered X-rated thanks to Courtney's skimpy shorts and shirt.

But for Christmas, the blonde has (of course) gone that one step further and stripped down to just a bikini; a metallic red two-piece to celebrate.
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