Friday, 9 December 2011

Jennifer Lopez exposes taut midriff as she cartwheels through Brazilian routine

She may be a 42-year-old mother-of-two but this Latino queen can move like the rest of them.

Jennifer Lopez wowed the crowds on the beaches of Montevideo today as she took part in a martial arts dance routine on Ingleses beach - and showed off her impressively toned stomach.

Estranged husband Marc Anthony might want to look away as the mother of his twins Max and Emmie got up close and personal with a group of topless men on the Uruguay shore. Jennifer ditched the high heel shoes but managed to move in tight jeans to perform a cartwheel as part of a Capoeira routine.

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The star rolled her red top up to reveal her taut tummy as she got involved with the Brazilian combination of dance and fight performers at Playa de los Ingleses (Englishmen's Beach).

The olive-skinned beauty arrived on set with a snakeskin clutch and oversized sunglasses which she kept on throughout. The single mother wasn’t too shy about getting touchy feely with the muscular men in grass skirts either.

She left onlookers gasping in amazement as she pulled off high kicks in the sweltering sun.


  1. See body! If our 20 year old looked like this then I go shout ' God bless Nigeria' :)

  2. lolz
    Nigerian girls are hot these days oh!


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