Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Producer K-Solo opens up on marriage & paternity controversy

K-Solo with new love Bimbo (left) and estranged wife Kike (right)
K-Solo has finally opened up on the on-going marital saga which has seen him pick up a new lover after recently dumping his wife Kikelomo. 

In a statement, he reveals that he was initially courting Bimbo and had even done an introduction with her parents before he met Kike. He says he doesn’t know why he dumped Bimbo for Kike.

‘Months back I meet Kike and within 3 months, I left Bimbo my wife who we had done family introduction, I really can’t tell what came over me and I became an item with Kike and dumped Bimbo‘, K-Solo says.

He further went to explain that when he ‘realised his mistakes, Kike went cryign to the press and accused him of physically abusing her. As for the photos of Kike looking battered and bruised, K-Solo says Kike used ‘make-up’ to deceive everyone.

He says during that period, Kike realised she was pregnant and claimed the baby was K-Solo's. The producer says he accepted the child and started taking care of her only for Kike to disappear.

‘It was only through SMS I got to know she has had the baby and I am seeing the pictures on the internet just like you’, K-Solo explains.

He says he is shocked at what Kike did but has moved on for good.

‘I am shocked with Kike but all things happen for good, I have moved on for good and I am back in the arms of my friend and lover Bimbo who Kike came to break us, I will not be talking to the press as I want to concentrate on my life, career and Bimbo‘.

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