Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Kim Kardashian 'lil sis, Kendall Jenner in another 'sexy' teen shoot

Kendall Jenner, or rather, her management, has once again attracted criticism for posing a little too provocatively in a new photoshoot.

The 16-year-old's 'sexy' shoot, as it was marketed, for Lovecat magazine, sees the teen posing in a tiny leather miniskirt. In another shot the cheerleader throws her head back as she leans on a bathroom vanity in a short crochet dress.

The provocative images are subverted by the whimsical cartoons that appear in the magazine spread with her, of colourful woodland creatures.

Kendall's age certainly shines through in the interview that accompanies the photoshoot. Punctuated with dozens of exclamations marks and smiley faces, the reality star names Reese Witherspon as her favourite movie star and Sour Patch sweets as her number one snack.

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For her guilty pleasure, Kendall answers: 'I LOVE Pretty Little Liars, I’m like obsessed!!!!'

If she wasn't a member of the world-famous Kardashian empire, Kendall says she would be 'Just being a regular teenager!!!! Hahaha! Going to school and riding horses everyday!!!!'

'Great smile, pretty eyes and has to be very sweet and charming! :)' is her answer for what she looks for in a boy.

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