Thursday, 12 January 2012

Holly Madison Shows Off Banging Bikini Body

From Playboy Bunny to Banging Bikini Babe Holly Madison has a completely new and hot body!

The gorgeous blonde reality star, and former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, has recently dropped a jean size in just two weeks and she revealed how she got her amazing new body.

“My secret is that I’ve been using the new NV weight loss supplement and I’ve lost a jean size in just 2 weeks!”

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She gushed about her new hardbody. “I feel more confident than ever.”

Holly stars in the Vegas hit Peep Show, but her recent weight gain was starting to really bother her. “When people started telling me that I gained weight or that I needed to lose weight it really hurt my feelings so being able to lose a jeans size in just two weeks made me feel really good about myself.”

With a bikini body that is the envy of women everywhere, Holly said that NV helped her get her confidence back. “When you drop a jeans size really quickly and when my friends started noticing I was losing weight I felt even more motivated to eat healthy, keep exercising, taking NV.

And what part of her body does Holly really love now that she’s shed the weight?
“I think now one of my favorite body parts is my stomach, it’s much flatter than it used to be so I like it!” 

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