Thursday, 12 January 2012

LeAnn Rimes shows off healthy figure in tiny two-piece bikini

She's come under fire for her pin-thin frame in the past, but it looks like LeAnn Rimes finally has become healthy and learned to indulge herself. 

The 29-year-old singer glowed with good health while sipping a drink during a lunch in Hawaii today.

Although her beverage of choice may or may not have been alcoholic, the country star did urge a female fan to indulge, revealing her own new outlook on how to enjoy life.

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When one of her Twitter followers wrote: 'Newest Goal...Look as bangin as @leannrimes for bikini season...putting down the margaritas and hitting the gym twice as hard!!'

The country singer responded with some sage, hard-earned advice: indulge and enjoy!

'Keep the margaritas and just work it out,' she tweeted.

The singer has been looking healthier and more relaxed lately, though a solid month of vacation time is enough to make anyone appear softer.

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