Monday, 12 March 2012

Avril Lavigne's sultry side unveiled in new music video

She has been teasing her fans over the past few days about a little surprise that she had made for them. Avril Lavigne finally revealed her gift to some 4million followers on Twitter and showed a very different side to the skater girl they had all come to know.

The 27-year-old unveiled a new music video as a thank you to all the people who had watched her perform on her world tour and the Girlfriend singer looked more grown up than ever.

The video, which was shot by her good friend Mark Liddell, was filmed at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, California, and includes a very special introduction by Avril.

The punk star showed off an elegant and sexy side in the artistic video which sees her enter a hotel room in the part black and white part colour video.

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Avril, who usually wears baggy jeans with black T-shirts, traded in her trainers for a pair of sultry heels as she slipped onto the king size bed.

The singer also sports some black lingerie and carries off a new, more mature hairstyle too.

Gone is the straightened two toned hair and in is a cute platinum blonde tussle with gentle rinklets and curls.

Goodbye is about leaving someone that you don't want to part with and the empty room in the video symbolises the loneliness.

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