Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Kim Kardashian (almost) loses her revealing skirt in windy wardrobe malfunction

A windy day in LA was certainly not going to stop Kim Kardashian mustering another revealing ensemble.

Of course every cloud has a silver lining for the attention-seeking reality star and Kim put the blustery weather to good use as she stepped out in a flimsy pleated skirt.

Unsurprisingly, the impossibly short black number caused quite a 'frill' and failed rebuff the gusts.

The resulting 'Marilyn moment' was, of course, captured by an army of paparazzi as Kim flounced around in her blonde wig.

No doubt Mad Men star Jonn Hamm may have a few choice words about the way Kim goes about courting publicity. The respected actor recently hit out at the current culture in Hollywood that rewards 'stupidity' - citing Kim and her old pal Paris Hilton as his evidence.
more pictures after the break...

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