Wednesday, 31 October 2012

9ice’s estranged wife Toni Payne blasts K-Solo

Singer 9ice’s estranged wife Toni Payne has accused producer-singer Solomon ‘K-Solo‘ Oyeniyi of lacking compassion due to the ongoing controversy between him and his estranged wife Kikelomo.

K-Solo has ‘dumped’ Kikelomo and is now flaunting his new lover Bimbo. He has also seemingly rejected his newborn son, whom Kike gave birth to on Friday, October 26.

Payne, who herself has suffered a bitter separation from ‘Gongo Aso’ singer 9ice, described the producer’s actions as ’Immaturity and wickedness of the highest order’

‘No matter wot is going on between u and whomever. U never let it extend to an innocent child. Ksolo! FAK!!!! I would not wish my worst enemy go thru wot that lady is going tru immediately after giving birth. Shit! Have some damn compassion!‘, Toni Payne tweeted.

But K Solo, who finally spoke on the matter after pressure from the public, says Bimbo is his real wife and that he has finally called it quits with Kike.

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