Friday, 12 October 2012

Celebrities' boob job blunders!

Tori Spelling, who was relatively flat-chested when she got her boobs done in her early 20’s, admitted to Good Morning America that she regretted going under the knife

These hot Hollywood stars have learned the hard way that plastic isn’t always fantastic, from too-big implants to just totally botched boob jobs.

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Victoria Beckham got a boob job early in her career, and lived to regret it. When asked about what happened to her big boobs during an interview with British Vogue, the former Spice Girl simple replied, “gone.”

A boob job is just one of the plastic surgeries that Courtney Love is rumored to have undergone. But even though her boob job is far from perfect, the controversial singer insists on showing it off.

Pamela Anderson has admitted to having multiple boob jobs and even a few reductions. The Baywatch star, who got her first augmentation in 1989, has been as big as a 36DD.

Heidi Montag is one of the most famous plastic surgerydisaster victims of the last decade. The Hills star started out going from an A to a C cup, then traded in her reasonably large implants for DD’s.

Tara Reid infamously revealed her botched boob job to the world on the red carpet. The American Pie actress later admitted that she was a victim of bad plastic surgery, and that she regretted her decision to go under the knife.

Alicia Douvall is the boob job queen of the Brits! The glamour model and actress has bragged that she’s had 16 boob jobs over the years, and is still able to breastfeed! 

Vivica A. Fox has admitted to going under the knife, though from the looks of her boob job, no confirmation was needed. 

Body builder Jodie Marsh had her breasts enlarged to awhopping 32DD at 29-years-old. She later revealed that she regretted the truly botched boob job. 

Lil Kim started having plastic surgery as soon as she became famous. Naturally flat chested, the rapper inflated her assets a little too much – and loves showing them in scandalous outfits.

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