Saturday, 18 May 2013

PHOTOS: Thandie Newton, naked and bruised in raunchy scene from new TV show - 'Rogue'

She is known for taking risks when it comes to her acting roles, seemingly unafraid to take on difficult material. But Thandie Newton has taken her craft to a whole new level in her new television show.

In a particularly shocking scene, the 40-year-old lies bruised and naked in a bathtub in a new episode of her gritty television show Rogue.

The mother-of-two, who stars as undercover detective Grace Travis, looks to have been beaten as she lies in the fetal position in the tub. She appears to be washing the blood away as the shower water pours over her injured body.

Thandie is also seen leaning with her head against the tiled wall, blood trickling down her face as she stares ahead.
Thandie clearly isn't holding back as her character was recently seen in a very raunchy sex scene with a costar.

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Speaking previously about the 'rawness' of the sex scenes in the show, Thandie said: 'It serves the story - it was necessary. In terms of the pragmatic, how do you deal with it... you cast people who are sensitive and kind and professional

'I was incredibly fortunate to work with the actors I worked with. When it comes to those scenes it's just about sitting with the director, talking about what's going to happen, being really clear on how it's going to be shot and being really clear on what's necessary so you don't do any more than you need to do.

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