Thursday, 2 May 2013

Popular Actor & Director Saidi Balogun shoots new movie ‘Blackman in a White World’ in 3 continents

Saidi Balogun has had to traverse through three different continents for his new movie. 

Shot in Nigeria, South Africa, Spain and the US, Balogun’s new movie which is due for release in a couple of weeks is titled, ‘Blackman in a White World’ and it features a line up of local and international actors.

The production manager, Tunde Shobowale says that the movie will definitely be something to watch out for. ‘We actually took our time to get it right with the story, the cast, the locations, and every other thing that it takes to make a good movie and we are confident that this will be a movie that will be talked about for a very long time’.

The movie which is directed by Saidi Balogun himself, focuses on the challenges of a young blackman trying to make it in a foreign land.


  1. Waiting passionately for the movie, I luv Saidi Balogun and his movies :)

  2. 'Popular actor and director'? For where? - only in yoruba land though. Cool actor but not that popular


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