Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Lil Wayne tramples on an American flag on the set of his new video

Rapper Lil Wayne prompted criticism after he was spotted filming a new music video where he tramples an American flag and proceeds to jump up and down on the national symbol.

The 30-year-old returned to his old 'stomping' grounds of Hollygrove, New Orleans to shoot the video for 'God Bless Amerika', a single off his album.

Leaked cell phone footage captured the four-time Grammy winner clutching an old-fashioned microphone before a large hanging flag on Saturday.

The flag was then dropped on the asphalt by a grip on a ladder, revealing a massive crowd of Louisiana locals.

Weezy - born Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. - continued to rap as he casually strolled on top of the crumpled star-spangled banner.

Lil Wayne wore a vest reading 'Jesus saves I spend,' red basketball shorts covered in gold crosses, and Air Jordans.

News of the footage prompted immediate criticism from both fans and foes, who called the rapper unpatriotic and disrespectful.

'Lil Wayne standing on a American flag for a music video? ...Really? That’s disrespectful to the extreme...' wrote Twitter user @joeysavatgy176.

'(I don't know) who lil Wayne think (sic) he is dancing and stepping on the American flag. That is mad disrespectful. I am no longer a fan,' another disavowed Twitter user who goes by @ToddJohn8652h wrote following the leak of the video.

Others described the t-shirt he was wearing in the video as satanic, adding to the offensive symbolism of the video.

Lil Wayne's song, produced by Cool & Dre, has equally controversial lyrics.
'My country 'tis of thee / Sweet land of kill 'em all and let 'em die / God bless Amerika / This so godless Amerika.'

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