Friday, 25 November 2011

Pictures of Beyonce's provocative private dance in new music video

She opted for a striking Sixties style for her last video Countdown. Now Beyonce is harking back to the Forties era for her next cinematic offering, Dance For You.

In the clip, which has a distinct Film Noir style, the singer is seen doing possibly some of her most provocative moves yet.  Watched by a mystery man in a Forties-style Fedora hat and braces, the star wears a slinky and revealing satin dress paired with suspenders and stocking as she writhes all over a desk in an office setting.

Later she takes the sexy show to an armchair, where she proceeds with the seductive private dance all while exposing her vintage-style underwear. A glowing light on the singer indicates that she is being filmed by an old school motion picture video camera.

It appears that the clip was filmed before she became pregnant.
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