Monday, 30 January 2012

How Jodie Marsh transformed her trim physique to become a bodybuilder

She left everyone gobsmacked when she burst back on to the scene a few months ago with a beefy and bulked-up bodybuilder's physique.

But while it might take most people a year or so to develop muscles like that through a tough exercise regime and strict diet, it only took Jodie Marsh two months.

And the former glamour model has shown off the amazing transformation which took her from being toned and trim to big and beefy.

pictures after the break...
Jodie, 32, has released a series of photos that show, in chronological order, how she looked at the start of her exercise regime to how she ended up just eight weeks later.
With the help of celebrity personal trainer Tim Sharp, she transformed her body into a muscular machine, ready to enter a bodybuilding competition last autumn.

The first step: Jodie Marsh at the beginning of her transformation which showed the start of muscle definition on her stomach
Hard work: As the weeks go on, Jodie begins to get more muscular...
... until her beefy body is ready for her first professional bodybuilders competition
Bums and tums: Jodie starts the process of toning and tightening up her stomach and bottom
She's doing well: As the weeks went on, her stomach got more defined and taut...
... until she was ready to show off her new look to the world
And now for the six pack! Jodie already had a nice flat stomach when she started her regime
The washboard's not far off: Jodie's stomach starts to show signs of muscle definition
We could scrub our clothes on that! The former model's stomach is now rock hard
Time to work on the arms: Jodie biceps didn't escape the tough regime
Popeye would be impressed: As the weeks went on, Jodie's arms got harder and more muscular
Match fit: Jodie achieves the arms she set out to get so she is ready for competitions

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