Thursday, 9 February 2012

Jodie Marsh reveals the horror of her breast enlargement

She made her name for being an all natural glamour model who went toe to toe with the cosmetically enhanced Jordan.

However, Jodie Marsh now regrets having a breast enlargement to a 32GG after being brutally scarred for life and left terrified of going under the knife ever again.

The 33-year-old was once happy with her 32DD chest but chose to get an adjustment made after she realised her body was changing.

She told heat magazine: 'I initially had a boob job because they were getting saggier as I got older. I’d lie on my back and they’d disappear. To me, they looked hideous. But it turned into a nightmare.'

The model turned bodybuilder was 29 when she went under the knife.

After being put to sleep and going through the standard procedure, she didn't realise the disastrous effects of the surgery until around seven days later.

She explained to the magazine: 'When I woke up, they were so swollen. The first dressing was taken off after a week or so – that’s when I saw that I wasn’t healing.

In pain and barely able to move, Jodie had suffered bleeding and her chest was tearing apart.

She had been given the lollipop procedure in which her nipple was taken off and then the implant is inserted and then the nipple is reattached.

After that the patient is stitched from the under part of the boob up to the bottom of the nipple.

The standard procedure went wrong and Jodie was left distressed and in pain as the stitches began to unravel.

She said: 'As the stitches started popping out of my skin, there was no skin to hold the incision together.

'My boobs looked like they were exploding. It was so painful. There was green pus coming out of my boobs and they constantly bled.'

Now, four years on, Jodie is still mentally and physically scarred as a result of her breast enlargement and she admits that it has affected her relationships with men and she was often too embarrassed to take her top off in front of them.

The red-head is desperate to have her boobs reduced but is now too frightened to go through the process again.

An emotional Jodie told heat: 'I wish I’d never had them done. People should realise that every boob job has the potential to become a horror story.'

Jodie recently broke down in tears on live television when she recalled how she was nearly driven to suicide by constant teasing at her school.

She admitted she was 'terrified' when girls began kicking footballs at her head, and made the admissions ahead of her Channel 5 documentary, Bullied: My Secret Past.

Despite her troubled past she admits that she is the happiest she has ever been in her life.

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