Saturday, 24 March 2012

Mo'Hits' act D’Prince owed my sister 9million Naira – Late Suzy Q’s brother

In a revealing interview with The Nigerian Entertainment, Eddy Yusuf - the elder brother of late Susan Yusuf (Suzy Q) talks about how the family is coping with the death and the issue of Mo’Hits act D’Prince and his friends still allegedly owning her (Suzy Q) over N9m. 

How has the family been coping ever since the loss? 
Well, it’s God. It’s a really terrible thing that happened. I mean, for someone to lose their lives in that manner? Do you know the hand she used in trying to prevent the knife attacks is so badly sliced that bandages were used to hold them together, even now? Very sad.

Is the family looking to pursue the matter further?
Against who? The main person here is dead also. But we do have our unanswered questions. I know that there was a, if you like, mafia sort of clique that wanted to run her out of business because she was doing well without their ‘approval’. Of course our suspicions lie in some directions.

Then there is the issue of D’Prince who in company with his friends owed the club over N9m in total of IOU’s. But of course the police are carrying out their investigations.

Is there any of the deceased’s property with the police?
Well, they released the car to us which they impounded when the whole thing first broke out.

What of the other family involved in this situation, have they reached out to you?
Well, they were there in the police station when D’Prince was brought in for questioning in the case. But so far, they’ve not shown up in this funeral.

What becomes of the business?
We have to first finish the responsibilities at hand regarding this burial, after that we as a family will now sit down and decide what steps to take next.

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