Monday, 26 March 2012

Mo'Nique & husband Sidney Hicks sued by ex-landlord over 'unpaid rent' & smoking marijuana in their rental home

In a legal battle that contains more drama than a Hollywood script, Precious star Mo'Nique and her husband Sidney Hicks are being sued by their former landlord for allegedly breaking their lease, failing to pay $370,000 rent, and smelling up the home with marijuana fumes.

The trouble started last year, when the couple's Georgia landlord, named Alice, accused them of walking out on their rental contract which had been set at $22,000 per month.

Mo'Nique and Sidney responded to the landlord's allegations in court papers that said they broke the lease because the home smelled of dog faeces and urine.

Now, according to TMZ, the case has taken another messy turn.

In a new round of legal papers, the landlord alleges the 44-year-old Oscar winner and Sidney smoked marijuana in the home, causing it to smell.

In response, Sidney filed counter claims against the landlord and her husband, accusing them of being alcoholics.

The court papers include a series of emails between Sidney and Alice, in which Sidney claims
the landlords should be 'embarrassed' by the condition of the home.

Alice responds by mocking Sidney over Mo'Nique's cancelled BET talk show. She writes: 'We do understand that your business has been greatly affected by the cancellation of your weekly talk show. However we do not want the publicity and heartache/hardship for either of us.'

The landlord goes on to mention alleged drug use: 'Maybe the illegal substances (marijuana) you use in our home has weakened your sense of smell.'

Sidney fires back: 'The only illegal greenery was with the illegal immigrant you brought on our premises to cut down the trees ... Maybe the overuse of alcohol has affected you and your husband's judgement.'

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