Friday, 13 April 2012

Akon "officially" signs Wizkid to Konvict Music

Akon has announced the signing of EME’s Wizkid to his label Konvict Record . 

The Konvict label boss made the news known via Twitter: ‘It’s OFFICIAL!!!!!!! KONVICT/EME is now the official label for WIZ KID worldwide. WOW!!!! Hope u ready!’, @Akon tweeted

According to the EME camp (Banky W), the Konvict contract is to run alongside the popstar’s original EME contract. The length of the deal is not specified. 

The paperwork which was signed this week is a Joint venture- partnership between EME and Konvict and will produce and release Wizkid worldwide. ‘Press conferences will still be held in Nigeria and the US in the near future’ according to Banky who’s the chairman of EME.

In addition, ‘EME will now act as Konvict’s official representative in Africa and will run the African arm of the label’s operations. This includes standard offices, management, studios, production, A&R and provision of more artistes to launch under this partnership.
‘Wiz is the first act to be launched under this agreement, but provision has been made for EME and will continue to build acts that achieve enough buzz to also launch on the same platforms’, Bankyfinally added.

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