Friday, 13 April 2012

Robert Downey Jr flaunts his $9million (N1.4billion) Tony Stark's Acura at 'The Avengers' premiere

While many celebrities arrive at red carpet premieres in a chauffeur-driven car, Robert Downey Jr prefers to drive himself to such events.

The 47-year-old actor arrived at the U.S. premiere for his latest film The Avengers not only in style but in character too.

The Hollywood star pulled up to the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood in Tony Stark's Acura, with his wife Susan in tow.

Downey certainly made sure all eyes were on him as he parked the $9million super car in front of waiting fans and photographers.

The luxury vehicle, features a palm-scan ID steering wheel, enviro-clone projected hologram of surroundings, self-detonating recon drone and a night-vision HUD windshield.
But unfortunately for fans at that price - it's not exactly within reach of the average cinema-goers pocket.

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