Monday, 19 November 2012

Selena Gomez locks Justin Bieber out of her mansion

The young lovebirds met up for a reconciliation dinner on Saturday in Encino, California - only to swiftly exit the restaurant minutes later.

Justin was later seen outside Selena's gated mansion, begging the brunette singer to let him in.

The couple exited the restaurant in a hurry and headed to their own cars looking annoyed.

Selena drove home, and was joined there by Justin ten minutes later. However, the Baby singer was spotted having a temper tantrum when his fed-up partner refused to grant him access to her luxurious home. 

The 18-year old, who dated Disney alumni Selena since 2010, jumped out of his white sports car in a fit of rage, and began screaming down the intercom, seemingly to no avail.

pictures after the break...

 Selena Gomez can be seen peeking around the gate as Justin Bieber is faced by paparazzi outside  

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