Thursday, 3 January 2013

REVEALED: Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner & new bride Crystal Harris have a prenup

Hugh Hefner and his new bride Crystal Harris -- who’s sixty years younger than he is -- signed a prenuptial agreement three weeks ago at the Playboy Mansion. 

"Hef's lawyer dispatched his assistant to the Playboy Mansion approximately three weeks ago with the final version of the prenuptial agreement for them to sign, a source close to the situation reveals. 

"The prenup protects Hugh's Playboy assets, and it also has specific language about the famous Playboy Mansion. If the couple divorces, or if Hef dies, Crystal would have to vacate the mansion, and has no legal rights to the iconic Holmby Hills estate. Hef wanted to sign the prenup at the house so photographers wouldn't spot him going into his lawyer's office," the source says.

The New Year's Eve nuptials at the Playboy Mansion was attended by family and a few close friends of the couple.

Crystal, 26, wore a floor length strapless gown in soft pink. Her Playboy founder groom, 86, wore a traditional black tuxedo with a pink rose as a boutonniere for their New Year's Eve wedding ceremony.

This is Hef’s third marriage, although he has been romantically involved with a string of beauties; this is Harris’ first marriage.

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