Friday, 21 June 2013

Brymo opens up on Chocolate City exit

After announcing his exit from Chocolate City a few weeks ago, Pop singer Brymo is still airing his grieves to anyone who cares to listen.

Speaking during a conference he held for journalists this week, the singer says he left the record label due to a ‘breach of contract’.

‘I’m actually having problems with Chocolate City and it’s contractual problems. The reason why I said I dumped the contract was because of breaches‘, Brymo told reporters in Lagos.

The singer says he believes he cannot ‘be saved’ by the Nigerian court if he were to legally pursue the matter hence his cry to the public. ‘It came important to call this gathering, I’m a Nigerian, I know the court cannot save me‘.

The singer who’s known for delivering master hooks also says he’s moved on with his career and has been working on his own personal stuff.

Despite Brymo’s claims, Chocolate City stands on their statement that Brymo is still signed to their label; with a subsisting three-year contract.

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