Wednesday, 12 June 2013

PHOTOS: Kingsley 'K-Cee' Okonkwo IS married

Hip hop act, Kingsley Okonkwo popularly known as K-Cee recently granted an interview and denied ever getting married.

Excerpts of the interview:
Are you still single because we heard you were once married?
I have never married before, the person that got married was my brother but people thought I was the one. There was nothing like me having extra-marital affair or a love kid. They are all lies.
On his relationship with pretty Actress Ebube Nwagbo he says they were having fun! ... ‘Limpopo' 
What really happened between you and Ebube Nwagbo?
What happened between us was nothing more than having fun. That’s what my new song titled ‘’Limpopo ‘ is all about. It mean let’s have fun.

Contrary to his denials, Kingsley is actually married to Cynthia Ijeoma Oduah.

After their spectacular engagement in February 2010, Kingsley Okonkwo and Cynthia Ijeoma Oduah officially signed the dotted line certifying them as husband and wife in March 2010.

Why will a married man deny his wife?!

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